$25 per month will provide the following to a child: Teachers' salaries, school uniform, scholastic materials, Water bills, transport, shoes, socks, breakfast & Lunch, a desk, medical services and sanitary pads for girls.

My name is Linda Farrand, I visited Masaka last November 2014, and the children I met changed my life. My friend Cathy in Canada who does everything she can to raise funds for different projects in Uganda, paid my fare, did I really want to go No, what I could do a pensioner with no extra money.

Then the 800 children who have been orphaned by the AIDS virus and villagers welcomed us with so much warmth and love, I knew my heart and many more would not be leaving this place. The rest of the villagers took them in, some as many as 6/7/8/9 to care for. The conditions most of them live in is appalling, they sleep on the floor and have to go outside when it rains because they are flooded. If their crops die through lack of water, they go hungry. 

A small group of us from Canada, America and England with the help of relatives, friends, neighbors, parishioners (who we could never thank enough) are managing to build a sturdy house for a widow and her 8 orphaned children. A group is going in July to oversee the building and there will be numerous photos published when complete. Hopefully more houses in the future. 

Green Village Children Center is at the heart of everything that is being done in these villages. Stephen the organizer has worked tirelessly with this group to raise these children out of the poverty, fear and despair they face every day. They have managed by begging, pleading and everything imaginable to build a small school, phase 1 of a bigger project. St Philomena Primary School is catering for over 800 orphans and less privileged children through education in the 5 villages of Lwabikere, Kalagala,Kitenga, Kayunga and Kasana, all located in Masaka District Toilets are in the middle of construction, but funds are needed to complete. The school cannot open without them. The school toilet has 12 rooms, 6 rooms will cater for boys and 6 for girls. Education is paramount for the future of these children, not just academically but to educate them in hygiene and looking after themselves, and also to help stop the spread of diseases. It will also be a haven for the children from the EVIL and CORRUPT things these children live in fear of every day. 

We are a drop in the ocean, but drops make puddles, puddles make streams and streams make Rivers. Please, we cannot change the world, but we can change the world for one child. Please donate or become a sponsor, there are hundreds of pictures of these children on our website You will be able to choose a child and be updated on their progress. We need $25 or £16 a month, to pay for teachers, Breakfast & Lunch, School uniform, a Desk, Scholastic materials, Water bills, Sanitary pads for girls and Stationery. If you cannot afford this, perhaps a few family members or friends could club together. You do not have to do great things, just little things with love. Whenever I saw things on television, I thought what I can do. NOW I KNOW.

- Linda Ferrand, 10/07/2015.