$25 per month will provide the following to a child: Teachers' salaries, school uniform, scholastic materials, Water bills, transport, shoes, socks, breakfast & Lunch, a desk, medical services and sanitary pads for girls.


Green Village Children Centre (GVCC) is a non-governmental, non-partisan organization based in Masaka District that was founded in June 2010. In 2013 the organisation registered with the National NGO Board as an NGO with registration number 9935. The Organization is currently implementing a School Project St Philomena Primary School at Lwabikere Village in Mukungwe Sub County of Masaka District.

St Philomena Primary School is catering for over 800 orphans and less privileged children through education in the 5 villages of Lwabikere, Kalagala,Kitenga, Kayunga and Kasana, all located in Masaka District. The 5 villages have the highest number of HIV AIDS infected children compared with other HIV/AIDS ravaged area related diseases such as malaria, dysentery whooping cough, typhoid etc.

The children have no access to Shelter, Quality Education, Medical care, Electricity and Clothing. Establishing a Primary School in the community will help us rescue orphans and vulnerable children to have a bright future.

St Philomena Primary School is located in Lwabikere village, one of the 5 villages found in Mukungwe sub county of Masaka district. Like all rural communities, the target community depends on agriculture for their livelihood but the net income from agriculture is very low. As a result, many people in the area live below the poverty line. As such, the people of Lwabikere and the neighboring villages of Kasana, Kalagala, Kayunga and Kitenga are vulnerable in many aspects.

Masaka district, where the target community is found, has 1,331 villages meaning that it ought to have the same number of primary schools as per the Government policy. However, it has only 304 primary schools meaning that each school serves 4-5 villages. This is true of the proposed project area - there is only 1 primary school in the community, Kitenga Primary School, and this caters for 5 villages. It is a Universal Primary Education school. The few children who can manage to get to school have to walk many miles through thick bushes which put them at risk of being kidnapped for ritual sacrifice by witch doctors and for the girls, of being raped.

Project Objectives

We are destined to achieve the following in the short and medium term

  • Building a school for the children and setting up income generating projects for women.
  • To develop a well-maintained and self-motivated staff for both secular and religious disciplines.
  • To sensitize children about the importance of education.
  • To stop children turning to streets as a result of ignorance and economical hardships.
  • To build a decent next generation of citizens.
  • To reduce child trafficking, sacrifice and child labour.